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Welcome! My name is Chris Kostoff. I started CK Coaching with the goal to change people's lives. CK Coaching is a life coaching business specializing in social confidence, health and fitness training, and goal setiing. So what does this all mean?

Quite simply, our goal and mission is to empower people in new and innovative ways that will allow them to be more self expressed, fulfilled, and confident...in all areas and facets of their life! We do this by transforming a person's self beliefs, attitudes, and habits by working with them on the inside and outside so they can start seeing results!  

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Welcome to CK Coaching.

Here at Ck Coaching, you not only get support from me, but from my team as well! When you attempt a vigorous challenge, such as changing your life, it's vital that you have the support of family, friends, and most importantly, like minded individuals who have the same goals and vision. The desire to transform yourself is a powerful one, and it is something that is shared by every one of my clients, through and through!

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Chris Kostoff - Life Coach, Fitness Trainer, RN


Coming together is a beginning, and staying together is progress, but only when teams sweat together do they find success. ~ John C. Maxwell

Free Consultation.

Let's Talk! The first step to transforming yourself is to hone in on what you really want. Give me an hour, and you'll see why having a mentor to help you achieve your goals is really the way to go!

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Find Your Motivation.

Getting low on fuel? Browse through my articles, and other inspiring leaders in the coaching industry. Our positive, uplifting messages, tips, and experiences may be just be the thing you need to uplift your state of mind!

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Like Us on Facebook and sit in on a real bootcamp session..for free! You can meet current clients & group members, and this will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered. You might find this bootcamp will motivate you more to make that change!

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Meeting Up is a big part of my coaching process. It gives you a chance to meet other people who are on the same coaching path as you! We host bootcamps, groups, and events all with the goal of opening yourself up to new people & experiences that will put you on the right track. Currently, The Socialites on www.meetup.com is one of my most powerful groups. This group's purpose is to empower people that feel they are living an unreasonable life, and in turn, give them the power and know how to change it one step at a time.

It's also very powerful because it's fun, entertaining, and the result from this is that each person learns new skills that they can use in all areas of their life - from fitness, communication, fashion, building a social circle, dating, and career advancement. Generally, our group consists of people from all different walks of life. More paticularly, travel nurses and healthcare professionals, newbies to the city, singles who believe in love, personal development students, fitness enthusiasts, and people who want to connect with new people. The good news is, every client has the option to join our group. Really, it's not just an option, it is what makes my coaching program different from the rest! Check out our calendar on the right for our newest Socialite Meetups!

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